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Shitty Song of the Week

May 28, 2021

Can a song about the weather beat a song about a woman that could never exist? Adam from The Internet is a Toilet podcast joins the show to help decide which Boy Band is worse between:

HeartBeat Boys: I Like The Rain


O*Town: Liquid Dreams

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May 21, 2021

This may be one of the more evenly matched battles we've had on the show. Pandering lyrics, out of place music and lackluster guitar solos are whats featured as we dive into some horrible country music. Does Florida Georgia Line have what it takes to beat some American Idol reject Jimmie Allan? You get to...

May 14, 2021

Horrible sex metaphors, whiny rich boys, and so many blatant rip-offs. Eric Zane from the Eric Zane Show joins us this week to try and see if repeat offender Alice Cooper has what it takes to take down Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson. Can Alice's sexy voice and shitty building ethics beat Bruce and his sad attempt...

May 7, 2021

Join us and PJ Philliam from We Are Assholes as we go way back in time to break down some 70's singer/songwriters. Why would we do this? To see what is worse: a band of non musicians who rock the fuck out of a tambourine and are surprisingly upbeat about destroying the earth, or a love song written for and about a...