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Shitty Song of the Week

Aug 28, 2023

It's time for another wildcard episode as Myster Magenta joins the show. Can an over produced dubstep nightmare beat the delusions of a washed up actor performing reggeaton? Does anybody want the poonani after Steven Seagal whispers it in your ear? You get to decide between:

Steven Seagal: Strut


Tommy Lee:

Aug 24, 2023

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Our episodes will now be coming out on Mondays. But we wanted to give you something special to hold everyone over until then. So we're giving you not one, but TWO bonus episodes that you would get if you were a patreon over at the shows Patreon

Aug 18, 2023

What is Country Music anymore? Is it supposed to have EDM and dubstep in it?? Or should it be slow and boring and only pander to a VERY specific demographic?? 

Join us this week as Red, Teresa and Jodie B, go through some questionable and washed up, has-been country music!!!


Big Kenny- Star




Tanya Tucker- When...

Aug 11, 2023

What happens when 2 songs emulate another... in the worst way possible? 

Can a slow, droning murder ballad wannabe beat a Nu Metal party song with Oasis/Dr. Seuss lyrics??? Listen up to find out!!

Coal Chamber- Rowboat


Dope- Everything Sux

Aug 4, 2023

Its a covers episode this week! Can lazy beat confusing? Does Branden actually stand a chance this week? You get to decide between:

Lil Uzi Vert: CS

All Saints: Under the Bridge